Sunday, December 29, 2013

AriZe or PHGH? You decide which is better

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Check this out- reviews about PHGH

My feedback on Amazon and what people say about Arize 
My seller ID on Amazon is AriZe Natural Male  check out the reviews and my feedback

From the reviews, you tell me which one you think is going to be more effective. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Is Bigger Better? Are there really any pills that can make you bigger?

There are many, many companies who sell enhancement products. many of them claim "Get Bigger Erections with our product" or "You can grow up to 4 more inches with our product"

Specifically, with the kinds of wild claims our competitors are making about their male enhancement products.

You've seen the ads, of course…you'd have to be living under a rock to miss them: Get Bigger!…Add Inches!

And the truth is, there's not a supplement on the market that can instantly or miraculously add inches to your size.
However, there is something important to know about size : It is actually possible to get somewhat bigger. It's just that our competitors are misleading everyone by saying that you can add inches to your penis size.

What is important, is erection size. When does size even matter?  It matters when you've got a woman in bed…and
she's ready for some serious sex.  That's when you need to reach your maximum size.  That's when it matters.

And to reach your maximum size, you've got to be able to get fully hardThe truth is, harder IS bigger.

Think about how hard and how big you are  when you're fully turned-on…now compare this to those times when you're not as turned-on.  There's a difference: you're harder when you're MORE turned-on.

It absolutely IS possible to achieve bigger, harder erections…and there are two ways to do it:
  1. Stimulate your sex drive
  2. Increase the blood-flow to your
The powerful herbal formula in our formula ARIZE male enhancement product, , was designed to keep you in a constant state of "readiness" so whenever the situation presents itself, you are ready to be your hardest, AND complete a sexual episode.

Many men have problems completing a sexual episode ie; they go soft part way through, then their head takes over and says "what's wrong with me" or even worse, your partner says "what's wrong?" In other words "I don't I turn you on" And of course it is no help when she just lays there and expects you to make it happen. A great sex partner will take the initiative to perform oral sex, or play with your penis with her hands and kiss you, or just say "Why don't we take a little break?
Then you can get back to it in a little while. More about taking "a little break" in another post.

What you do need to know is that ARIZE will help you achieve your maximum size by getting you as hard as
you've ever been.
And, be able to complete a sexual episode while keeping her turned on and until you reach a great climax as well.

The proof is in the fact that we sell thousands of packs of AriZe worldwide and within the past year alone, we have only refunded 1 person who said the product didn't work for him.

Our claim is guaranteed…you'll get 100% of your money back if you aren't satisfied with the results for any reason.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Why? Because AriZe works. All the rest are bullshit! Everybody knows that there is no pill that will make your penis bigger. We all wish that would work, that's why we keep ordering that crap. It's no secret. There are NO PILLS that will make it bigger.

However, the more you use it and exercise it, it will fill to its maximum size and you might get a little more girth or length. Just like if you go to the gym, work your muscles, they become more developed and pumped. The only difference is that in the gym, you can grow your muscles. But if you use your penis on a regular basis and you cause it to fill with blood to its maximum by stroking it, using cock rings, taking good supplements, you will be excited on a more regular basis and be wanting to use it as much as possible.

Another thing...if you use AriZe, especially if you have a diminished sex drive, the powerful herb extracts in AriZe will cause you to be much more sexually excitable, have many more erections, be able to complete sexual episodes, where if you had trouble before, this is going to help alot. The Eurycoma Longifolia  root is one of the main ingredients which is known to help produce more testosterone. AriZe is also comprised of other well known herbs and root extracts known to help produce testosterone and increase libido.

If you think that you can just take one or two of these extracts together and save money, well, you MAY get some results. But we have spent a lot of money and experimentation to come up with the PERFECT formula that does what it says it will do.

We had been offering the product on Ebay and Amazon and Craigslist, however, it has gotten banned off those sites. Why? Because it really works. Do you have any idea how much money our competitors are losing these days to people buying AriZe instead? LOTS. They hate it because they know that our product works and theirs doesn't.
I have managed to get a few listings up on Amazon under seller Arize Natural Male, so if you are an Amazon buyer, please buy it from us there. HERE IS THE LINK

I am told that it also works in women to help increase desire and sex drive. being that I am not a woman, I don't have experience in this and have not heard back from any female customers if they were using it themselves or ordering it for males. I invite any women to please write back if you have experience with AriZe.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Solution for ED (Erectile Dysfunction), Impotence, Reduced Libido or Sexual Performance Problems

Many people ask this question and at least think about taking Viagra or wonder which one of all the products advertised, really works for male enhancement. Some people always say “take the natural approach”. Be sure to eat a healthy diet. Eat several servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day, while limiting transfats, saturated fat, sugar and white carbs. It can help men’s sexual health and general health as well. 

Whatever is good for your penis is good for your heart and for your brain. Be sure to maintain healthy cholesterol. High cholesterol can harden, narrow or block arteries leading to the penis. You can maintain healthy cholesterol levels through diet, exercise and regular health monitoring. By adding regular exercise and taking good supplements, you can reduce the risk of sexual performance problems and improve physical and mental health, both of which have a direct reflection on your ability to achieve and maintain strong erections.
Natural approach provides benefits to increase libido and improve your condition, but typically, this is not always successful. If you want to increase your libido and performance,  AriZe is the solution. Arize is a natural solution to sexualdysfunction or ED in men. 

By consuming Arize, you can restore confidence, maximize your performance, increase libido and desire, and make you ready for any possible sexual relationship that comes your way. Arize is a combination of seven natural herbs that work together to channel maximum blood flow to the penis and increase libido simultaneously. Residual effects will last up to 4 days.

AriZe is very safe for the body and has several thousand satisfied and repeat customers around the world. Once you try Arize, your search will end for the perfect male sexual enhancer. Arize is very easy to buy; Just go to It is not available in stores. The reason for that is the high quality of ingredients used are expensive, which doesn't allow for huge store markups. 

AriZe has been in business for 7 years now and manufacture in a GMP certified lab. Basically, AriZe is an all natural herbal male enhancer (kind of like an improved herbal Viagra), which is guaranteed to work or your money back. So what are you waiting for? Get some today by visiting

Thursday, July 11, 2013


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Friday, May 17, 2013

How Viagra works compared to how AriZe works

Definitions of “How Viagra or Sildenafil Works” and “How AriZe Works” 
Rather than treating ED purely from the mechanical side as does Viagra and the like; Arize takes a whole different angle.

First, the clinical explanation of how Viagra or Sildenafil works:
Nitric Oxide (NO) is released with sexual stimulation from nerve endings and endothelial cells in the corpus cavernosum of the penis. An enzyme then converts guanosine triphosphate (GTP) into cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP causes the smooth muscle of the penis to relax, which causes an inflow of blood which then leads to an erection. cGMP is then hydrolysed back to the inactive GMP by phosphodiesteras type 5 (PDE5).
Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often produce too little amounts of NO. This means that the small amount of cGMP they produce is broken down at the same rate and therefore doesn't have the time to accumulate and cause a prolonged vasodilation effect. 
Sildenafil (Viagra) works by inhibiting the enzyme PDE5. This means that cGMP is not hydrolysed as fast and this allows the smooth muscle to relax.
Sildenafil is a potent and highly selective inhibitor of PDE5.

This is the clinical definition of how AriZe works:
When we first conceptualized AriZe, we wanted a product that will not only help to channel maximum blood flow to the penis, it must also enhance the libido simultaneously.

After trying many different combinations of herbs for more than a year, we finally settled with 7 types of herbs, with Eurycoma Longifolia being the main ingredient.

In case you don't know, Eurycoma Longifolia (or more popularly known as Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi in Southeast Asia) is a scientifically-proven herbal aphrodisiac and testosterone booster that is fast becoming popular in the Western world.
This is important because many men cannot achieve the erection that they wanted not because of the problem with blood flow, but due to a lack of desire.
This explains why AriZe will always be more effective than ED drugs.

So, basically Arize makes you horney and generally increases the libido for a much longer time period, as well as contains natural herbs that cause more blood flow to the penis.

AriZe is also enjoyed by many men who don’t really have an ED problem but want to have more long lasting erections, more often. Many men also report that the intensity of the orgasm when using AriZe, is greater than the intensity of the orgasm from Viagra.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Demystifying Erectile Dysfunction

It’s not easy watching our boyfriends or husbands struggle with erectile dysfunction, and we are  also dealt with some consequences as well. Emotion is definitely tied to this condition because it effect couples on intimate sexual levels.  While this can understandably burden our relationships, we owe it to ourselves, and our partners, to learn as much as we can about this very common condition.
Women are anxious to know why their partner isn’t maintaining an erection, especially when the environment and mood feels just right.  It’s important to understand that both physical and mental conditions can trigger erectile dysfunction in your partner.  This is why erectile dysfunction should be addressed early on, so both partners can work together to learn about the condition.

The natural process of aging is definitely a factor in some cases, whereas anxiety or compromised cardio vascular health are both noted causes as well.  According to the National Institutes of Health, the following have all been observed in erectile dysfunction patients.
·      Diabetes
·      Not only is erectile dysfunction observed in heart patients, but it’s also an early symptom of heart disease.
·      Nerve Damage due to prostate surgery
·      An injury to the spinal cord, penis, prostate or bladder
·      Certain bicycle seats
·      Long-term alcoholism
·      Some medications for depression and blood pressure.

To understand the condition even more, this the perfect time to learn about the anatomical structure of the penis itself.  The penis is actually one of the most complex and fascinating organs in the human body, since an orgasm involves blood, thoughts, muscles and nerves all working together.
For an erection to occur, brain and nerve impulses cause muscle chambers in the penis to relax, which allows for increased blood flow; more blood flow turns into intense pressure that causes the penis to expand.  Therefore, an erection is maintained because muscle chambers are trapping the extra blood flow. Should these muscle contract they lose hold of the blood, which then causes a penis to lose its erection, since blood flow is quickly released back into the body.
Many couples have discovered that a healthier lifestyle was a key to treating erectile dysfunction, while others swear by leading medications.  As more research is being done to learn about erectile dysfunction, we’ll undoubtedly learn more about different causes and improved treatments.  This is a very real condition that’s a part of our lives, so we should keep up with the latest news and advancements in treatments.